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Candle Monthly prayers
The reflection and prayer for the month by the Rev Neil Thorogood
Daily readings
A reading from the Bible, a reflection, action and prayer, for every day of the year
Andy Walton Working at Christmas
Andy Walton is now one of the many working on Christmas Day
Lion Hudson logo Lion's 40th
Charlotte Haines Lyon celebrates Christian book publisher Lion Hudson's 40th anniversary
Shane Claiborne Shane Claiborne interview
George Luke catches up with Shane Claiborne, founding partner of The Simple Way, a radical faith community that lives among and serves the homeless in Kensington, North Philadelphia
Giles Fraser Giles Fraser resigns
The Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Rev Dr Giles Fraser, resigned on October 27 over the possible use of violence against the Occupy movement
Aled Jones Aled Jones interview
The singer and presenter talks about his favourite moments from his time with SIngs of Praise
Songs of Praise's 50th Songs of Praise's 50th
Songs of Praise, the BBC religious programme, celebrated its 50th anniversary this weekend. Surefish Editor Andy Jackson offers some facts and figures about the Sunday night institution
Brian McLaren Brian McLaren
George Luke catches up with Brian McLaren speaker, pastor, and networker among innovative Christian leaders, thinkers, and activists
Andy Walton Our part in the riots
Andy Walton reflects on the aftermath on this summer's riots in the UK and considers whose to blame
Crosses Am I a Christian?
After the census form landed on her doormat earlier this year, Charlotte Haines Lyon has been thinking about her faith.
Flags Greenbelt 2011
A look back at what Christian Aid achieved at the 2011 Greenbelt festival, 'Dreams of Home'
Church vs state
The criticism of the Government's policies by the Archbishop of Canterbury is striking a chord with many, says Ekklesia
Giles Fraser Three cheers for ABC
Giles Fraser says that the Archbishop of Canterbury was right to speak out about the death of Osama bin Laden
Fire Wrestling with chaos
In a reflection for Pentecost, the Rev Martin Camroux says that we still have choices for our future, even when the world is in chaos
Easter reflections
A reflection for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter by the Rev David Lawrence
Lent on the 'net
Andrew Chapman looks at Lent on the internet
Pancake Day recipes
Dawn Marchpane tucks into some Shrove Tuesday recipes

Not the only ones
There may be schisms (again) but women bishops in the Church of England are almost a reality. It was inevitable, says Steve Tomkins
Jesse Jackson interview
Watch Christian Aid's Eva Baker interviews the Rev Jesse Jackson about poverty, environmental issues and young people
A-Z of Dissent: S,T&U
Steve Tomkins continues the series about British and Irish sects and schisms with a look at the letters S, T & U
Why churches must campaign
Steve Tomkins says that now more than ever, churches have a responsibility to support agencies while keeping the government under pressure
You're nicked?
Leading atheists want the Pope to be arrested after he lands at Heathrow for “crimes against humanity”. Andy Jackson argues that he needs to take action now to stop this becoming a reality
Living with dying
Andy Jackson reviews Living with Dying, a book by the late Lady Grace Sheppard
Work, for God's sake
Andy Jackson talks to Esther Reed, author of the new book Work! For God's Sake - Christian Ethics in the Workplace
Faith in 2159
Author Craig Borlase talks to Andy Jackson about his new book, 2159 AD: A History of Christianity
Affirmation of the unfamous
In a society where we idolise those in the limelight. Read John Bell's 'Thought for the Day'
Books of my faith part 2
Charlotte Haines Lyon asks a number of celebtries and religious figures for their must-read book titles
Books of my faith part 1
Charlotte Haines Lyon asks a number of celebtries and religious figures for their must-read book titles
Long Now stories
Three people from Israel and Palestine spoke at this year's Sunday Morning Worship at Greenbelt. They shared their stories from the 'Long Now', the theme of the festival
Memories of D-Day
Andy Jackson spoke to the Rt. Rev. Mark Green, a former Bishop of Aston, who served as an Army Chaplain during World War II
400 years of the Baptists
The Baptist Assembly taking place from May 1st - 4th marks 400 years of the Baptist movement in Europe. Andy Jackson finds out more

A-Z of Heretics
Matthew Graham explains why heretics aren't as bad as they used to be in the good old days
An A-Z of Saints
Our series on Saints
surefish's contribution to April Fool's

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