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Date: 17 March, 2009, updated 2010



'So what do you give your Mum to say 'thanks' and 'I love you'?'


March 14th is Mothering Sunday and so Andy Jackson looks around the ‘net to see what gifts can be bought to say 'with love' and 'with thanks'

Mums are the best. Even if they live so far away that you only get to see them once in a blue moon, Mothering Sunday is the one chance each year to remind her that you still love her and am sorry for all the anguish you may have caused in the years since your birth.

Of course, being perfect, I have no such worries but then again my Mum says I have a tendency to lie!

So what can you give to say 'thanks' and 'I love you'?

There are plenty of special offers via the Surefish Shop, with many high street and green stores offering gifts for this weekend.

Shops include Superdrug, M&S, Smythson, Boots, Goldsmiths, Interflora, I Want One of Those and Nigel's Eco Store.


Divine Chocolate has a range of goodies ranging from t-shirts, for Mums still denying the guilty pleasure of chocolate during Lent, through to huge chocolate-filled hampers, for those that gave up their abstinence of chocolate on the night of Ash Wednesday!

Tropical treats, drinking chocolate, after-dinner mints and biscuits are all available in fairly-traded hampers. Gifts range from £10 to £30.

Chococo is a husband and wife-led team who are ethical chocolate makers. Not only do they care about the taste of their finished chocolates, they also care about the where the ingredients come from and the people who produce them.

I ordered a box of their chocolates last Christmas and they were some of the nicest and most original flavours I’ve eaten ever.

The chocolates are freshly made and don’t contain ingredients such as sorbitol, glucose syrup, neutral alcohol or any other substances commonly used to extend shelf life.


Arena Flowers is a UK florist that sells fairly-traded, accredited flowers, delivering sustainable, ethically-grown, blooms in the UK. It tries to meet ethical standards in all areas of business, and is always seeking to be more ethical. 

Orchids, Gerberas, White Lilies and Roses can be bought in bouquets or as potted plants, for a longer-lasting gift, as well as chocolates and bubbly to augment the smile on your Mum’s face.

Interflora also sells a range of flowers backed by the Fairtrade mark. Roses, Lisianthus, Alstromeria and Sunflowers make up their offerings.

The flowers used have been bought from selected, registered, Fairtrade farms that means you can be sure that farm workers, their families and communities benefit.

Virtual gifts

Sometimes a virtual gift is a different way of making your Mum feel happy. Presentaid is Christian Aid’s virtual gift store with a range of presents that help communities across the world.

Your Mum will get a card explaining what you have given to Christian Aid on her behalf, and you may get your favourite dish cooked for you next time you see her!

Why not give your Mum a can of worms, a set of pigs, the salary of a teacher for a day, a water pump, or medical equipment? It's win-win, for everyone.

Nigel’s Eco-Store

Nigel owns an eco-store, where he sells lots of eco-friendly products.

Why not buy your Mum an energy saving products, such as a new kettle or clock, or something from Nigel’s laundry and cleaning, lounging and lighting, clothing and carrying, eating and drinking, sleeping and bathing, garden and solar, travel and wind-up, sports, office, gifts, water saving, eco-books or DVD sections?

Amazon Gift Vouchers

Vouchers can be a bit of a cop-out but at least it means your mother will get something she wants, rather then something we children thinks she wants. (Why doesn't your Mum wear that multi-coloured Guatemalan waistcoat bought at the Greenbelt festival at the Ladies’ Circle?!)

Use the link above and Christian Aid will get a percentage of what you spend.

See Tickets

Does your Mum like a good show? If so, why not buy her vouchers to see a play, musical or gig? Again, use the link above and Christian Aid will get a percentage of what you spend.

Happy Mother’s Days to Mums everywhere!


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