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Date: 18 November, 2011



'Rewriting the rules of trade pen – 55p – a pen made from 90-95% waste, including games consoles. A fitting end, I feel.'


Suzanne Elvidge recommends gifts from this year' s Traidcraft shop which, when bought using the links below, also raises money for Christian Aid

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Here is a range of Christmas present ideas from Traidcraft, and buying them through the links below raises money for Christian Aid.

If there’s not anything you fancy here – have a browse around the Traidcraft shop for more ideas.

Don’t forget to allow plenty of time for delivery before Christmas – Traidcraft and Royal Mail will both get very busy!

Stocking fillers

Under a tenner

£10 - 30

£30 - £60

Over £60

Have a happy Christmas!


Suzanne Elvidge is a freelance writer and Surefish Ethical Living Editor



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