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Date: 18 November, 2011


'Trying to make presents as environmentally-friendly as possible can just make buying them all the harder.'


Suzanne Elvidge recommends eco gifts from under £10 to more than £100, which, when bought using the links below, raises money for Christian Aid

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Christmas shopping can get stressful, and trying to make it all as environmentally-friendly as possible can just make it all the harder.

If you use our Christmas gift guide, not only can you do all your shopping at your computer, but you can be happy that it’s eco and it raises money for Christian Aid too.

Here is a range of ideas for eco Christmas presents sorted by price, and buying them through the links below, or using the links from the Surefish Shop and searching the individual sites, raises money for Christian Aid.

Ten gifts under a tenner

  1. Bigso Sweden Storage Box Turquoise from B&Q – £6.48 – storage box made from recycled fibre board
  2. Petal Drops from Firebox - £5.99 – use these funky petal-shaped recycled plastic funnels to collect water in plastic bottles
  3. Recycling van from Hamley’s - £8 – train your little ones in eco ways!
  4. EcoTools 6 mini make-up brushes from Boots - £4.99 – make-up brushes made from bamboo and recycled materials
  5. Minnie dynamo eco torch from Debenhams - £5 – a hand-cranked dynamo torch (needs no batteries)
  6. Four recycled coasters from Nigel’s Eco Store - £3.47 – wipe-clean coasters made from juice cartons
  7. Makedo starter kit for one from Firebox - £9.99 – reusable clips and hinges to make eco models from cardboard (there’s also a robot kit)
  8. I love being recycled notebook from Heal’s - £6.50 – A6 recycled paper notebook
  9. Laurent Miquel Nord Sud Viognier 2009 PGI Pays d’Oc from Majestic Wines – organic French white wine to go with Christmas lunch
  10. Mini wooden puzzles from Stocking Fillers - £1.75 – plain wood toys ideal for little Xmas gifts

Ten gifts £10 to £30

  1. Magicbox Maya eco telephone from M&S – £29.50 – recycled plastic phone with reduced CO2 emissions
  2. Paper pulp clock from Firebox - £21.49 – clock made from moulded mulched paper (don’t forget the rechargeable batteries)
  3. Botanico home composting system from B&Q – £24.98 – three-compartment composting system
  4. Recycled juice carton handbag from Firebox - £10.49 – a zipped handbag made from recycled juice cartons. Does what is says on the tin really...
  5. LED rechargeable wind up lantern from B&Q - £13.30 – a black windup lantern, ideal for camping or carol singing
  6. IDAPT i1 eco charger from Firebox - £19.99 – recycled plastic charger that shuts off once equipment is fully recharged – it even multitasks too
  7. Vinyl fruit bowl from Nigel’s Eco Store - £19.99 – a fruit bowl made from an LP (remember those?)
  8. Idbids from Firebox - £14.99-19.99 – kids’ organic soft toys and story books with an eco message
  9. Haynes Eco-house manual from Halfords - £19.99 – how to carry out environmentally friendly improvements to your home
  10. Recycled cardboard chopping board from Heal’s - £15.50 – made from 100% recycled cardboard but still knife-proof and dishwasher-proof

Ten gifts £30 to £100

  1. Grow your own wine rack from Nigel’s Eco Store - £31.99 – a living willow structure that will graft together into a useable wine rack
  2. Indigo organic cotton boot cut jeans from Debenhams – £45 – Rocha. John Rocha women’s jeans made from organic cotton
  3. Orange tree from Nigel’s Eco Store - £49.99 – try something different as a Christmas tree this year (and this one produces real fruit)
  4. Electron Backupz USB rechargeable LED twin pack light set from Evan’s Cycles - £34.99 – tiny backup front and rear lights rechargeable from your USB port
  5. Solar fairy light curtain from Nigel’s Eco Store - £40.84-71.48 – charge during the day for a magical fairyland at night!
  6. Firewinder from Firebox - £52.99 – a wind-powered light-display for your garden
  7. Bellelli Eco Bike Trailer Max from Halfords - £59.99 – a trailer to carry your organic goodies home from the farmers’ market
  8. Roberts solar DAB radio from Nigel’s Eco Store - £83.74 - an energy efficient design with an integral solar panel
  9. Set of three Seletti recycling bins from Heal’s - £50 – recycling can still be good-looking
  10. Bird feeder mobile from Nigel’s Eco Store - £30.52 – feed the birds all the year round – and hopefully out of reach of cats too!

Ten gifts over £100

  1. Kobe bag from Heal’s - £185 – brown bag made out of leather and fabric made out of recycled plastic bottles
  2. Toucan+ Solar Mp4 Player from Nigel’s Eco Store - £102.12 – charges in sun-, day- or artificial light
  3. Lupine Piko rechargeable front light from Evan’s Cycles – £292.49 – helmet-mounted light for off-road cycling, giving 550 lumens of visibility
  4. Eco book shelf from Nigel’s Eco Store - £155.99 – made from cardboard but surprisingly strong
  5. 2010 Cast Outdoor Round Side Table by John Reeves from Heal’s - £395 – cast from recycled aluminium
  6. A hazel hedge from Nigel’s Eco Store - £153.12 – six hazel saplings at £25.52 each will make your very own hazel hedge or coppice
  7. Falcon Richmond 2011 hybrid bike from Evan’s Cycles – £184.99 – give the gift of eco transport
  8. Power Gorilla from Nigel’s Eco Store - £153.18 – a rechargeable charger for your laptop (can be charged using the Solar Gorilla)
  9. EBCO Urban Commuter UCR-30 electric bike from Halfords - £999.999 – eco-commuting if it’s too far to cycle!
  10. Sustainable work chair from Nigel’s Eco Store - £118.46 – made from cardboard (and 40% of that is recycled)

And if there’s nothing that’s just right here, have a look at the Surefish Shop, buy part of a Christian Aid photograph, browse the Traidcraft website, or give a gift from Present Aid – these virtual gifts raise money for Christian Aid and range from £7 for a wormery to £4820 for a classroom.

Have a happy Green Christmas!


Suzanne Elvidge is a freelance writer and Surefish Ethical Living Editor



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