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Hallowe'en games
Here are ten spooky games to play while you ignore the trick-or-treaters

Dog breeding Genetics games
DNA is very clever stuff – it shapes what we look like, and can even influence how we behave. Here are ten games to help you learn a bit about genetics
Cricket and baseball games
Here are ten online cricket and baseball games designed to keep you busy if it's raining
Logic games
Here are ten games designed to help you exercise the little grey cells with a bit of logic

Multiplayer games
Online games are all well and good, but it can get a bit lonely playing all on your own. MMORPGs are games that can be played online with people around the world, and here are some of the best

Health games
It’s been a winter of coughs and sneezes (well, it has for me), and so I decided to find ten health games to make us feel better!
Skiing games
If you can’t get to the slopes, here are ten skiing games to keep you entertained, without getting you cold and wet (or breaking anything…)
Dressing up games
We’ve gone a bit girly this month, with ten dressing up games – play around with styles and colours and check out new designs, all without costing you a penny!
Moon games
Most of us are unlikely ever to travel that far, but in these ten games we can go there in our imagination and on our computer screens
Pinball games
Pinball is based on the 18th century game bagatelle. The first pinball game was patented in 1871, and it’s got louder and faster ever since then. Try your hand at ten online games of pinball.
Platform games
Here are ten classic and modern platform games of varying levels of silliness. Surefish online games column – wasting time playing games so you don’t have to (but go on, you’ll enjoy them!)
History games
According to Steve Turner, history repeats itself because no one listens. Here are ten history games to play, plus a few extras. By Suzanne Elvidge
Star games
Suzanne Elvidge gazes up at the stars, or rather, at her monitor, while playing a bundle of online star games
Flying games
This month’s column was hard – because there are so many flying games on the internet! Here are eleven that are a bit different
Reindeer Reindeer games
In the song Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer’s friends wouldn’t let him join in any reindeer games. Well, here are some that he can play any time he likes!
Golf games
Suzanne Elvidge tees off with a collection of online golf games. Crazy golf anyone?
Beach games
Suzanne Elvidge has taken a rest from trawling the 'net to discover holiday games that can be played offline on the beach
Geography games
Suzanne Elvidge has trawled the 'net to discover how you can test your geography and geology with online games
Language game Language games
Suzanne Elvidge offers a selection of games to help learn other languages
Number games
Suzanne Elvidge challenges us to makes our brains work harder with ten online number-based games
Christmas games
Some festive games for the festive season!
Paper games
This month, Suzanne Elvidge looks ten paper-based games

Games with a purpose
Suzanne Elvidge suggests ten games with a purpose

Back to school games
You've packed your satchel, put your cap on and rescued your school tie from the back of the sofa. To cushion the blow, here’s ten back to school games to play as found by Surefish High's Head Girl Suzanne Elvidge
Virtual insanity
Suzanne Elvidge shows off her second life with a guide to virtual games
Jigsaw and puzzle games
Suzanne Elvidge unearths some online puzzle and jigsaw games for you to play during the fine summer weather!
Sports games
I’m not a sportswoman – I run to keep fit but I’ve never been one for team games. But maybe this month’s games on sport will change my mind.
Maze games
I just can’t keep lefts and rights in my head. So this month’s games column is perfect for me – ten games all about getting lost! By Suzanne Elvidge
Art games
A lot of people think art is a difficult subject, and think art museums are dull – here’s ten games that might help change your mind. By Suzanne Elvidge
Racing games
If you don’t fancy racing for real, why not try it online, where you can race a skateboard to a spaceship! By Suzanne Elvidge
Reading and spelling games
Now there are sites all over the internet where children (and adults) can practice reading, writing and spelling using stories and games – here’s ten examples to try out
Snow games
Suzanne Elvidge finds out the best games to while away those long hours between Christmas lunch and the turkey sandwiches
Christmas games
Suzanne Elvidge finds out the best games to while away those long hours between Christmas lunch and the turkey sandwiches
Online ball games
Suzanne Elvidge reveals the best ball games that are free to play and online
Retro arcade games
Suzanne Elvidge hunts down the games from our youth. Now who's for a bonus life?!
Game Water games
Suzanne Elvidge goes online to show you what how computers and water can mix
Real games
In a first for the online games column, Suzanne Elvidge goes online to show you what can be done outside, without a computer
Board games
Suzanne Elvidge searches out ten online board games for your entertainment
Music games
Fancy yourself as a bit of a musician? Here are ten games involving music, including listening to it, writing it, answering questions about it and even splatting trolls to it!
Word games
If you want to enrich your word power, Suzanne Elvidge has ten word games to educate and entertain
Game Science games
If you want to learn about science or find out what you’ve forgotten, then Suzanne Elvidge has ten science games to educate and entertain you
Plants Gardening games
If you can’t get out in the garden, play some games until the rain (or the snow) stops. Suzanne Elvidge with ten gardening and plant games