The surefish promise
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Date: 2 April, 2009

Surefish is owned and run by Christian Aid. All proceeds from surefish go to Christian Aid's campaigning and development work toward the elimination of poverty and injustice worldwide.

surefish ethical policy
surefish aims to offer ethical choices and seeks to operate in the most ethical way possible.

All commercial partners are vetted to ensure as far as possible that neither they nor their owners are involved in:

• the arms trade
• practices that are environmentally damaging
• exploiting unfair labour practices
• supporting regimes with poor human rights records
• supporting unfair trade practices
• holding unacceptable levels of third world debt
• infringement of pharmaceutical marketing practices with essential drugs policies
• tobacco marketing in the third world
• pornography

Wherever possible partners will be chosen that deliver both a quality service and make a positive ethical impact on the world. Not everything on offer is 100% ethical, but where there are issues we let you know what they are and show how you can find out more or take action.

For instance for some 'essential' services, such as air travel, there is no positively ethical partner available. Such services will still be provided in order to raise revenue for Christian Aid. The best available partner will be chosen and their status will be made clear.

Your privacy
Surefish will not sell or otherwise distribute without your express permission any personal information, except as legally required to by law enforcement authorities.

The only services or products promoted on the site are those from ethically-vetted commercial partners.

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